What is bitcoin, how does it work and what affects its price?

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 that uses decentralised technology for secure payments and storing money that doesn’t require banks or people’s names. It was announced on an email circular as a way to liberate money in a similar way to how the internet made information free. How does it work? Bitcoin works on a public ledger called blockchain, which holds a decentralised record of all transactions that is updated and held by all users of the network. To create bitcoins, [...]


How to Transfer Money with Western Union

Western Union is a wire transfer service that allows you to quickly transfer money all over the globe. While it’s not without risks, it is a reliable way to get money to friends and family almost anywhere in the world. Follow this guide to make sure your money gets to where it needs to go.   Money in Minutes service Log in to your profile. If you don’t have a profile, please register for free. Choose our Money in Minutes service. Enter your receiver’s name [...]


Improve your Digestion

Another quick nutrition tip to help you lose weight is to eat more fiber. You might be thinking: Fiber, for real? Well, foods with high levels of fiber provide a lot of essential properties to the body, such as better hydration and better digestion. Not to mention that they are great to burn off excess fat. Did you know? One of the most well-known and admired properties of fiber-rich foods is that they help you feel fuller longer. That in turn, helps control the appetite and contributes [...]