Lortab is basically a combination drug of two powerful pain killers. Its composition includes acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Both of the ingredients are resilient pain killers. Hydrocodone is an opioid based pain killer which is strong and quick in action. So, the medicine Lortab is used by millions of people on daily bases to diminish their body aches and fever also.



You can buy Lortab online without prescription if you want to get rid of persistent and untreatable pain. Lortab is used to treat moderate to severe grades of pain.

Hydrocodone is an active ingredient in Lortab which relieves the pain by acting opioid receptors in the brain who receive the pain signals. Hydrocodone mutes these pain signals and the patient feels comfort and ease. The other ingredient of Lortab is acetaminophen which is an antipyretic and pain killer medicine universally known as paracetamol. These two characteristics make it a unique drug which relieves pain as well as fever.


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