Opana is a strong semi-synthetic opioid based analgesic (pain killer). It is widely used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is also used as pre-operative medicine to reduce anxiety and maintenance of anesthesia as an analgesic in obstetrics.

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When people want to be a doctor, they have a certain criteria of respect in their minds. We are born in a society where medical is considered to be a “sacred” profession. Reflecting on a societal views, people really want to be a doctor. But when they enter into the field, they are the only one who gets frustrated with their profession. Unfortunately, it is a sad truth for our community doctors. These are the people who are considered to be the role model of society and are respected. Since they are considered to be the public servants. Doctors, like other human beings, also have needs and demands. The whole year of protests and committees proceed and procure a change in the stances of the opposing party, what are they supposed to do next? Leaving their patient in a trouble? Is it a solution?

If someone is having a pain, Opana may be a best solution to it. Why giving Xanax? This sort of negligence is mostly done by doctors nowadays.

  • Firstly, the overtime of doctors caused the frustration towards their patients.
  • They have a lack of senior faculty. What would happen when the untrained staff is examining the precious life?
  • Medication errors and staff development are the most concerned issues due to which our patient is suffering.
  • With fake medicines and fake laboratory reports, there is nothing much a doctor can do to help his patient. In the end, doctors get the blame if the patient suffers.
  • Satisfaction level of patients is found to average.
  • Improved hospitality is one of the severe needs of a patient.
  • It is a grave concern that patients are suffering and this issue needs to be focused.


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